Land Survey Drafting Services

What type of engineering firm are you? If one of your major services is land surveying then this article is exactly for you!

Every civil engineering project starts with a survey to determine the legal boundaries between parcels of property, the locations of existing infrastructure, the topography and slopes of the land. Surveying is also how we create an accurate map of existing conditions.

If your business has land surveying services and is seeking a partner for outsourcing Land Surveying Drafting work, we can help.

As a civil engineering and CAD drafting team, we offer the various types of Land Surveying Drafting Service at CivilOutourcing.com below:

+ Boundary survey drafting

+ As-built survey drafting

+ Topographical survey drafting

+ Slope analysis

+ Final Survey

+ Plot Plan

+ Setback

We use the latest software such as Civil 3D, AutoCAD 2D to provide the best services with good quality and quick turnaround.

How we support you on your Land Surveying tasks:

+ Step 1: Gathering input data from clients: Point files, field notes, pictures, project name, project number, sample works.

+ Step 2: Working process: Follow survey linework processing work with database.

+ Step 3: Internal quality check: Once the draft is ready, our team of specialists thoroughly check the draft for common and uncommon issues. Then the draft will be delivered to the client.

+ Step 4: Get feedback from the clients and then work on it to produce the final land survey draft.

We offer high-quality work at a reasonable cost. We fix our prices at the beginning of the project and do not have any hidden costs. If you have any inquiries about Land Surveying Services for your upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can fill out our online form below or contact us via contact@civiloutsourcing.com. When cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround are important, and quality cannot be sacrificed, turn to Civiloutsourcing.com for Land Survey Drafting Services. Outsourcing your work to a sufficient provider always bring you great advantages in your business.

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