About CivilOutsourcing

CivilOutsourcing is an Engineering Outsourcing Company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest economic center. Our focus is on AEC outsourcing services, which include Civil Drafting, Civil 3D Modeling, CAD Drafting, Land Survey Drafting, CAD Conversion, Architectural Drafting, Structural Drafting and BIM Modeling.

At CivilOutsourcing, we are a team of passionate and dedicated engineers who are committed to delivering exceptional work. We pride ourselves on being hard-working, creative, and driven to succeed. Our ultimate goal is to play a key role in positioning Vietnam as the premier outsourcing destination globally.

CivilOutsourcing’s Vission:

Within 5 years from 2022 – 2026, CivilOutsourcing is TOP 1 Engineering Outsourcing Services in Vietnam.

CivilOutsourcing’s Mission:

Make your life easier by providing quality, fast, and economical services.

With that in mind, CivilOutsourcing is constantly improving our staff, researching and upgrading services to bring CivilOutsourcing clients quality, fast and cost-effective working days.

For services:

Satisfying the needs of clients before, during and after the end of the project on the basis of support, positive and prompt feedback is our working criteria.

For clients:

We advise clients to use the service on the basis of achieving real value and meeting the needs of clients.

For staff:

Sharing understanding and knowledge to progress and develop together is required among colleagues.

For business:

Work performance is assessed through measurement indicators on the basis of openness and fairness.

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CivilOutsourcing’s Core Values:

Quality: We put the quality of products/services first because we understand that: No quality is nothing.

Speed Of Turnaround time: We always strive and are ready to serve our clients quickly and with the highest level of satisfaction.

Discipline: We attach great importance to each individual’s discipline in both work and daily life because only with the spirit of discipline, can we not give up and achieve the set goals.

Fairness: We create a working environment where people are recognized and deserved for the values they create.

Love: In any situation, we always share, help and support each other to overcome difficulties and challenges.


  1. Always precisely communicate and understand the clients’ requirements before starting the project.
  2. Always complete the tasks before the committed time.
  3. Always support the delivered projects whenever there are any changes from the client.
  4. Always keep the information and related data absolutely confidential.
  5. 100% refund within 24 hours if the client is not satisfied.

Why outsource to CivilOutsourcing?

Number #1: Quality

We strictly implement your standards and requirements so that we can assure you that no project is delivered without a thorough check of quality. Your satisfaction is our happiness since this is clearly a win-win situation.

Number #2: Saving Cost

Outsourcing basically means you outsource parts of your projects to an outside party, any parts can be cut and outsourced and then you get the finished ones back. We also call it with the name “offshore outsourcing”, which is allowing businesses to spend less cost but achieve decent quality work.

At CivilOutsourcing, our very clear view is to balance the benefits of the client with CivilOutsourcing and between CivilOutsourcing and employees. So we always offer a reasonable price and will surely make you happy with it.

Number #3: Flexible Staffing

You will be very happy to know that you can save a lot of payments on employees, equipment, insurance, taxes, and more. All you need to do is contacting CivilOutsourcing services when you need it. That means you can achieve 100% productivity for the hours you pay.

With a long-term partnership and lifetime project support, any revisions will be made quickly.

Number #4: Experience

With experience of completing hundreds of projects every year across various sections, we do understand our client’s expectations as well as concerns very well when they decide to outsource or engage an external company for their project work.

Number #5: Communication

As one of CivilOutsourcing’s quality commitment, we always communicate and understand the precise requirements of the client before starting the project.