Our Story

Nowadays, all over the world, people can share the same fashions, advertising, brands, eating habits, and TV channels and a global service as Civil Engineering Service, that is my biggest desire when I was studying Civil Engineering at the university.

From what I have learned during my university education and 5 years experience of leading a design team in a strong civil engineering outsourcing company with most of our clients are from America, Australia, United Kingdom. I decided to make a bold move to finding CivilOutsourcing.com to form great outsourcing services for international clients and I also wish to create a professional environment for Vietnamese engineers.

In my opinion, Vietnamese, particularly, engineers are hard-working and clever.

CivilOutsourcing.com is an organization of enthusiastic engineers who commit themselves in the job. We are hard-working, creative, and passionate about Civil Engineering Design. We aspire to contribute our part into making Vietnam the top outsourcing destination in the world.

Specifically, We put all of our energy to focus on Civil Engineering Services, and our vision is become the best Civil Engineering services in Vietnam and be competitive in the world.

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