cost benefit of cad outsourcing

Outsourcing has been known as a cost-saving technique, as it is used worldwide nowadays. Developed countries prefer to outsource their business processes to developing countries, such as Vietnam. Before going on, let me review again the definition of outsourcing. Outsourcing is when companies and organizations hand over work to one or more outsiders. Any process viewed as possible to be handled from outside of the company will be outsourced possibly, and of course Civil Engineering is included. People also call it offshore outsourcing. It allows the company to get quality services while their spending is much less than when they don’t outsource.

The first clear benefit you can see from outsourcing is cost saving. Your tasks can be done at a much lower cost, but also, you save a lot of time while you can ensure that the quality is just as good as your company would do it itself. Thanks to the salary range gap between developed countries and Vietnam, the same tasks will cost quite a lot in your country, while it costs much lower in Vietnam. Due to the small calculations we’ve made, you can save up to 60% of your original cost when you choose to outsource to Vietnam. Remember, it’s also faster, and the quality remains, the same.

Another great advantage is the cost-cutting you can make on expected investment. You would not need to spend any extra money on expanding your facilities. Those can easily be listed: working space, insurance, tax, etc.

One more advantage, cost saving on human resources: the company wouldn’t need to hire and train (many) skilled workers. As long as you can make sure that the company you outsource your work to has experts in the field (which is quite easy to check), you will be satisfied about the quality, while save your company operational costs on HR.

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