Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of hiring and managing a team of your own in-house drafters.


  1. Face-to-face interaction: you can easily communicate with employees who are willing to take directions during the drawing process. The in-house drafters are sure to be within your reach in case of an emergency, or when you are given tight deadlines, or last-minute updates.
  2. Focus on one Project: In-house drafters work, of course, just for your project. Their job is to focus all their efforts on one current project and don’t have to think about anything else alongside.
  3. Training process: It’s certainly very convenient to train a new employee to understand your workflow by letting him join the team, ask questions and discuss work with them.


Human resources costs: In general, the pay for full-time employees are much higher than for outsourcing services. Particularly, the CAD draftsmen only charge you for the time spent on the project, but the employees receive a monthly salary regardless of the outcome. In addition, employers have to pay taxes and other fees to the government for each full-time employee.

Equipments: In-house employees should be equipped with a number of facilities like  PC, softwares for the work of drawing such as AutoCAD,  Civil 3D, etc. You will have to care for working space, parking space, and more.

Employee Benefits Package: Official employment requires such basic benefits as leaves, medical insurance, days off on national holidays, etc. All of these things cost money and interfere with the work process.

There’s one certain factor, working with the outsourcing company saves you a lot of time. You do not need to provide insurances, holidays and sick leaves. The choice to outsource your work usually comes much cheaper than salaries to employees in your office.

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