Grading is configuring the surface of the land by removing or adding earthen material to shape the land to best suit the project. It is accomplished with large machines, such as bulldozers, pans, dump trucks, and men wielding rakes and shovels. Grading is a major component of the function of a land development project, and it means a great deal to the success of one.

A good design integrates the natural landforms of the site with the proposed program to create an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional and cost-effective site plan. Because a grading scheme must consider function and utility, as well as aesthetics, it is both a science and an art. The grading of a site serves three basic purposes: reforming the land surface to make it compatible with the intended land use, establishing and controlling the new drainage patterns, and helping define the character and aesthetics of the site.

Consideration of earthwork quantities is very important when developing a grading plan. For many reasons, a balance of cutting versus filling is usually desirable. Balance is achieved when the quantity of cut is roughly equal to the amount of fill.

One of the most compelling reasons to achieve a balance of earthwork is its effect on project cost. Moving soil around a site is less costly than either importing fill to the site or hauling excess cuts from the site. Generally, importing fill onto the site costs more than hauling excess material away. Balancing the earthwork helps keep costs under control and often will help the finished site appear more in harmony with its surroundings.

Our team has experience working on residential, commercial, and municipal developments that vary in size from small single-family development to large, multi-family, high-rise condominiums. We understand the importance of site grading plans and earthwork estimates in your projects.

At Civil Outsourcing, we utilize AutoCAD Civil 3D features to deliver to you:

  • Surface Grading
  • Earth volumes, Quantities, and Sections.
  • Cut and Fill visual 3D reports.
  • Material Takeoff.
  • Grading Plans with all necessary information.
outsourcing site grading plan and earthwork estimates
Outsourcing site grading plan and earthwork estimates

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