Business process outsourcing is certainly nothing new in the business world. In the last few years, it has become a trend. There are several reasons for this. Outsourcing results in increased efficiency can be seen easily, it provides cost advantages; after outsourcing, businesses can focus on core areas of their expertise; it provides access to very skilled resources, etc.

But even when being outsourced, projects have to be managed. You have to have an insight into the progress made, the funds spent so far, dead ends, and you have to be able to resolve any possible issues quickly and efficiently. This is why we offer you these tips for successfully managing outsourced projects.

Outsource to Reliable Partners

By outsourcing projects to a reliable outsourcing partner your organization can, as mentioned, focus on core areas without the need to constantly oversee and manage the remote team. Before you choose such a partner, make sure to check their previous clients’ testimonials in order to check their credibility on the market.

Project Planning

Before you can outsource your project, you will need to plan it in great details. It’s going to be handled by a remote team, and it won’t be possible to address some issues on the go, like with in-house projects.

You have to break projects down into tasks, write a description for each task, and explain which resources and information have to be used for each task specifically. If you are outsourcing to a team that charges by the hour, you will also have to negotiate with them regarding how much time they will need for each project task.


Effective communication is always key to managing any project. If you want the work on your project to be productive and profitable, organize the communication regarding it in such a way that all team members are able to communicate in real time effortlessly.

Sync up regularly

Effective communication with the off-site team is key to delivering a more productive and profitable project. That’s why keeping the team in sync should be done on a daily or weekly basis. You need to find the best times for every team member to share or work out ideas, discuss work, or receive important updates. Whether you are using Email, Slack or any chat application, providing project communications and collaboration in one place allows all team members to communicate in real-time and keeps them on the same page.

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