outsourcing: potential risks and opportunities to consider

Outsourcing has become more and more popular year by year, yet the risks and concerns are still worrying a certain number of businesses. Let’s discuss how to deal with these risks, in order to have a successful co-operation with your outsourcing provider.

1. Bridge the gap of communication:

These risks can completely escalate to become a critical issue. These includes difference in languages, time zones, lack of direct meetings, possible cultural misunderstandings, and so on. Solution? Make sure your provider’s English is good enough to understand your messages exactly as they are. Trying to have more face-to-face meetings is recommended, or else, online video meeting is also a nice tool.

2. Quality not up to standard:

This is one of the most common mistakes that companies may make, since price is a factor which can attract you greatly. Newbies in the field often offer appealing quotation, but if you check carefully, you may see that they are unable to meet all your requirements. Solution? Ask for a free sample work, and evaluate on how they can support your work.

3. Lost control:

A remote outsourcing team can for sure get out of hand sometimes, if you don’t know how to deal with them well. Solution? A project coordinator assigned from your company is essential. He/she will work closely with the outsourcing team to deliver the requests effectively as well as answering any questions from them.

The good news with the risks is that by choosing the appropriate partner, you can completely eliminate those risks. They can also bring you these advantages:

1. Cost reduction:

For the majority of companies, cost has always been the first factor to look at. Outsourcing helps you reduce resources on operation, labor, and so on. Thus, outsourcing is very worth considering.

2. A productivity and efficiency boost:

Vietnam, for example, has a time zone of 12 hours difference from New York. This means that when you go home and rest, the work will keep rolling by your outsourcing team in Vietnam. Double of productivity, and double of efficiency.

3. Flexibility for Your Resources Management:

You would be very happy to know that you can save loads of payments on employees, equipment, insurance, taxes, and such. You just need to book the outsourcing service when you need them. That means productivity of 100% for the hours that you pay.

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