how to evaluate the quality of drafting outsourcing provider?

When you outsource any of your tasks or projects, make sure to pick the right outsourcing provider. In order to do so, you need to evaluate the quality of drafting outsourcing provider before engaging them.

When evaluating your drafting outsourcing partner, your main focus has to be the ability of the provider to meet your requirements. Below are the 5 criteria you should consider:

1. Experience:

Quality drafting provider can open your company a lot of potential opportunities and give you a competitive edge. However, when choosing your drafting outsourcing partner, you have to ensure that your partner has experienced draftsmen in their team, have successfully completed similar projects. The simplest way is to require the provider their sample work or give them a sample task so you come to know whether the partner can meet your expectations.

2. Pricing:

This is the most important factor in outsourcing. The lower cost of operation, personnel, and overhead costs make it attractive to outsource. Outsourcing becomes a cheaper but better option compared with the traditional option.

3. Turnaround Time:

The drafting outsourcing provider should deliver the completed tasks within 24 hours in most case so that you can review, do markups and get back to the outsourcing team. You should consider in choosing a partner who have a good time zone so you can take advantage of it.

For example, the 14-hour time difference between Vietnam and the USA provides companies with numerous opportunities for work to be completed earlier than expected, leading to greater efficiency, increasing productivity and winning you more time to focus on other crucial tasks. The time difference makes Vietnam an ideal option for clients who wish to outsource various service-related options.

4. Workforce:

The success of your outsourcing company will largely depend on the workforce in your partner’s country. You should know how many members in the company you choose to be outsourcing partner  have experience in your type of project, know  their current capabilities, so you can estimate the project schedule for the drawing submissions, and meeting with clients.

5. Data Confidentiality:

Most of our clients require a high level of data security before deciding to sign a contract. Your partner must understand the importance of information security and confidential assurance in outsourcing services.

At CivilOutsourcing, we are committed to the security and confidentiality of the information that you share with us. We sign your company confidentiality agreement. Additionally, we make our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement during the hiring process.

We hope this article can help you have more helpful information for your choice of a good drafting partner.

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